Rachel’s Reader ReFash!

As promised, I’m bringing you this week’s Reader ReFash!  This is your chance to show off those awesome redos you’ve been rocking!  :)

This week’s installment comes from Rachel, from Probably Rachel!  I would think she is most definitely Rachel, yet her blog title leads me to distrust her.  Hmmmmnnnn….

Anywho…she began with this $3 thrifted dress right here:

I've gotta hand it to her, I'm loving the purple/teal combo!

I’ve gotta hand it to her, I’m loving the purple/teal combo!

But then she turned it into this gorgeous sun dress for a friend’s bridal shower!

Le front!

Le front!

Le back!

Le back!

You can check out how she did this awesome refash right here!  She gives really good instructions to help you recreate the look!

This was my first complicated refashion, I typical stick to simpler things like making long pants into capris or making a regular sweater into a cardigan, so I’m really proud of how it turned out.

Keep it up, Rachel!  You have the knack!  :)

And for those of you out there with a hankering to share YOUR refashions, email ’em to me at refashblog@gmail.com (you can check out a few guidelines for submissions here).  :)




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Wannabe Wednesday: Jilly Pulitzer Vol. 2

I’ve been putting off refashioning this dress for months.  I just wasn’t quite sure where to go with it!

C'mon, Jillian!  Any step forward is in the right direction!

C’mon, Jillian! Any step forward is in the right direction!

This house dress-y frock’s amazing print drew me right in!  It also reminded me of something…

Hi Lilly!  :)

Hi Lilly! :)

You’re looking at a 1960’s pic of Lilly Pulitzer, aka “The Queen of Prep”.  Her original simple dresses made of vibrant patterns are still a major influence for the Lilly Pulitzer brand today.  I’m a big fan of her designs.  I’ve even done a Lilly Copycat before, and I’ve been wanting to do a tribute piece since her death last month (April 7, 2013).  I may not be a wealthy socialite (in fact, I’m quite certain I’m not), but I think I can emulate Lilly’s fun & breezy style!

A new Lilly Pulitzer dress sells for about $200.  Let’s see if I can make a suitable knockoff for $1!  :)

More Lilly!  :)

More Lilly! :)

Most of Lilly’s dresses were sleeveless, so a bit of ripping was in order.

Rrrrrip off those sleeves!

Rrrrrip off those sleeves!

Douglas supervised!

Douglas supervised!

Then, I pinned and stitched down my raw edges.



My new dress was beginning to look Lilly-ish, but it still needed a final fitting!  My dress form happily obliged.

She's so patient...and so great at standing still!

She’s so patient…and so great at standing still!

Take it in, then snip off that extra fabric!

Take it in, then snip off that extra fabric!

I’m almost done!  :)

All I had to do now was figure out what to do with that now-collarless neckline.

Give me a "V"!!!

Give me a “V”!!!

After stitching down my new V, and giving my dress a good press, I was ready for a HAWT South Carolina day!

I did not ride either of these bikes, btw.

I did not ride either of these bikes, btw.

I wore my new dress to the Grand Opening of Columbia, SC’s first brewery, Conquest!  For those of you in bigger cities, this might not sound like a big deal.  But this is a HUGE event here.  People waited in line for an hour in the hot sun just to get a sampling of our local brew!  :)

Many beers were tasted!

Dan schmoozes with one of the founders of Conquest

Dan schmoozes with one of the founders of Conquest

Much photoboming occurred!

Really, Ken?

Really, Ken?

Great!  Now he has Erin doing it too!  :/

Great! Now he has Erin doing it too! :/

We clearly have an epidemic on our hands!

We clearly have an epidemic on our hands!

I like to think Lilly would be pleased with my little homage.  :)


Original Cost:  $200

Copycat Cost:  $1

Savings:  $199!


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Q&A Monday: A Life Refashioned?

Q:  So what’s going on with you?  You’ve been on TV for your blog and it’s gotten pretty big.  How has your life changed since you started ReFashionista.net?

A.  Ah!  The glamorous life of an internet celeb D-lister!  ;)  If you look back at my earliest (and most embarrassing) entries, you’ll be just as surprised as I am at what an incredible following of cool people this little blog has garnered over the past 3 years.  I mean, seriously.  I had a shaved head, a terrible camera, hadn’t written anything in years, and my pics were teensy!

A "before" pic from Year 1

A “before” pic from Year 1

Why did anyone ever read this blog in 2010?  Why?

Having a successful blog that I love has truly transformed my life.  It’s given me a sense of purpose that was really lacking in my go to work/come home/go out/do it all over again routine.  Before I started ReFashionista.net, I was in a real funk.  I wasn’t doing anything creative, and was pretty bummed about it.  My job was okay, but I wasn’t excited by it, and I knew it wasn’t going to lead to any future opportunities.  I was bored.  Which means I was boring.  


Fast forward to now! :)  Refashioning and writing this blog makes me happier than anything else I do!  With each email, comment, and question I really do believe I’m changing the way the world thinks about fashion.  I feel like I’m actually making a difference in people’s lives and helping the environment.  And that feels amazeballs.  I have an energy and joie de vivre that I’d never had before!  :)

So…what has and hasn’t changed?

I get to do what I love…but I still have to do the boring day job.

I make a little more money…but my car still doesn’t have functioning A/C.

I have more energy…but I’m using every bit of it to keep trying to grow this blog and encourage the Ethical Fashion Movement.

I get spotted in public all the time as being “The ReFashionista”…but everyone is surprised at how short I am.

I get lots of awesome compliments…but I also get a ton of criticism.

I’ve been offered several opportunities…and I’ve turned down quite a few that didn’t gel with my blog’s mission. 

So…that’s it in a nutshell.  I’m still the same Jillian from 2010, just more driven and much much happier.  And I have you to thank for that.  :)

Thank you.  Thanks for reading my little blog.  :)





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